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IceProbe Aquarium Chiller and Power Supply

Maintenance Requirements


The Nova Tec IceProbe is made with high quality components and is thoroughly tested prior to shipment to assure years of dependable operation.  This guide is designed to help you properly maintain your chiller after installation.


General Maintenance


Operating Environment.  Always ensure that the operating environment around the IceProbe and associated power supply is clean, dry and uncluttered.  Keep all electrical components away from salt spray in aquarium installations.  Continual exposure to salt spray, mist, or corrosive gases will corrode the electrical components and lead to premature failure.  When cleaning or changing water in an aquarium or other liquid reservoir, be careful not to splash or spill water onto the IceProbe’s electrical cover, temperature controller or power supply.  If the power supply is exposed to water, its safety fuse will open to prevent an unsafe electrical condition and the power supply will have to be replaced.


Ventilation.  In order to effectively chill water, the IceProbe must be able to dissipate the heat it is removing from the liquid into the atmosphere.  Occasionally verify that fan motor is operating properly and ensure that nothing is obstructing the flow of air through the IceProbe’s fins.  The IceProbe’s fan motor is designed to run continuously, even when used in conjunction with Nova Tec temperature controllers.  Compressed air, a small vacuum cleaner attachment, or a small soft brush can be used to remove dust and lint from the fan and thereby extending its useful life.  If the fan motor is not running at all or running very slowly, Contact Us.


Probe Coating.  The solid aluminum probe is coated with a very durable FDA compliant material.  Care should always be taken when handling and installing the IceProbe to ensure that this coating is not scratched or chipped.  If the coating is compromised, the underlying aluminum may begin to corrode, possibly causing the coating to peel or flake.  While failure of the coating material degrades the appearance of the probe, it will not affect the IceProbe’s cooling performance or the watertight seal.  Though aluminum exposure is generally considered safe (e.g. aluminum cookware), you may want to verify that direct exposure of aluminum to the liquid being cooled is acceptable in your application.


Exterior Cleaning.  Clean the outside of the IceProbe, temperature controller, and power supply as necessary with a soft damp cloth.  Never fully submerge any of these devices in water or allow water to enter the housings which protect the electrical components.  Never use abrasive cleaners or equipment.  To prevent electrical shock and hazards, always unplug electrical devices before cleaning.


Nova Tec Customer Service


At Nova Tec, your satisfaction with our products is our top priority. If you require further information or assistance, please Contact Us.


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