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IceProbe OEM Design Suggestions


Proper Insulation and Ventilation are essential to optimize IceProbe  
performance. For cold water dispensing systems, it is also important to
take the following design suggestions into consideration:

  • Design the cold water reservoir to hold 2 to 6 quarts. The ideal size is
    3 to 4 quarts.

  • Insulate the cold water reservoir with approximately 1/4 inch of insulation
    per quart of volume. The recommended insulation material is polyurethane.

  • For smaller cold water reservoir designs ( 2 to 3 quarts), managing the
    volume of ice formation is important. Ice formation can be controlled by
    decreasing the amount of insulation close to water inlets and outlets,
    introducing water flow channels, or by using sensors and controllers to
    regulate power to the IceProbe

  • For gravity fed bottled water coolers, an insulated baffle placed between
    the bottle opening and the cold water reservoir will help to prevent
    unwanted thermal mixing.

  • To achieve a water tight seal, it is important that the reservoir wall is
    rigid, and at least 1/8  inch thick in the area where the
    IceProbe is
    inserted. The proper hole size for the probe is 1 1/4 inch. Also, the washer
    provided with the
    IceProbe should be placed on the outside of the
    reservoir wall (not under the nut).

  • Ensure that the fan air inlet is drawing undiluted room temperature air
    in order to give the
    IceProbe the coolest air available.

  • Ventilate the fan exhaust air away from the interior of the cooler and
    away from the fresh air inlet.

  • Design the cooler so that neither the air intake or outlet becomes blocked
    if the cooler is placed tightly against a wall.

  • Placing a replaceable air filter over the air inlet will reduce dust
    accumulation around the fan and heat sink and will improve long term
    cooling performance and fan life.

  • Position the power supply so that it does not add heat to the air
    intake or the air surrounding the reservoir.

For additional information regarding the IceProbe or related design implementation advice, please Contact Us.


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